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Jarman Photography Welcomes You!

Welcome to my new blog to showcase a little about myself and my photography business. I will be writing stories about photo events I have done or stories about places I have been or things I have done. I will not post anything about politics or religion. I will say up front that I am a huge believer that nature should be left alone and man needs to learn to deal with it.

My photography is now based on the world outdoors. When I first started, I was shooting off Broadway Theatre shows for the actors and the directors and then for the show’s publicity photos. But I couldn’t sell those to anyone but the actors and copyright issues just weren’t a problem because of that.

I then moved to the other side of the United States to a beautiful part of the world where shooting indoors became a crime. I decided that I wanted to create both a record of what is living in this awesome new world to me and at the same time allowing people living all over the world to bring this beautiful world into their homes and offices.

Now, writing is something I love to do. But please be patient as I am also a Dyslexic. That means many things. But most people know it as a person who transposes letters. Well, I can certainly do that but I also have the propensity to transpose entire words – or sometimes to forget them altogether. That means, upon occasion, you may have to “read between the lines” and put in a word you think will fit. Usually it is pretty obvious. So please enjoy what I read and if you read my blog often, these filling in of missing words will become easier as you learn my style of writing.

Now I am learning all about this Blogging world and am also trying to use it as a way to help showcase my wares. Yes, I said wares. I also have another business that is called Rattie World O’ Comfort. I actually started that back in 1998. I make things for pet Fancy rats and have actually expanded to help out wildlife rescuers. Where I haven’t made anything for a whale – I have made things for rescued opossums, squirrels and even a skunk or two. All which have been successfully released back into the wild by their rehabilitators.So possibly from time to time my blog may include something from that world.

Another part of my world is Animal Rescuing after a natural disaster. Katrina took two months of my life and Gustav took a month. But those months were ones gratefully given. I would not take any of that back other than the hurricanes themselves. I experienced and learned a lot. I have many photos of what I experienced. If you want to see them – I have some of them up at my website –

One more thing to expect from me. As Mark Twain decided to do 100 years ago when writing his Autobiography I write as I think. If I am writing on a subject and it triggers a little grey cell to another memory – I may very well write about that and wander back to the original subject later. This will only help you to learn how my brain thinks for those “missing words” I mentioned before.

That’s about it for now. You can certainly start to see some of my wares at or depending on which wares attracts you. Hopefully, from here, it will be my photography. Enjoy what you see and yes – everything is for sale. The permanent rights are not – but use rights are if you wish to print them somewhere with my written permission of course.

More later to all –